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Brand INDIGO jewelry
Product Code: 4018
Weight in gold: 20.32 g
Weight in silver: 16 g
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  • Silver 925
  • Gold 14k
  • Rose gold
  • White gold
  • White silver
  • Blackened silver
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  • 15.5
  • 16
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  • 17
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Arount the top the Ring has a spell - "Crux sacra sit mihi lux! Nunquam draco sit mihi dux!" that means, "The Holy Cross be my light, Let not the dragon be my guide". Both sides of the ring has a cup with wine with the Holy Bible.

There is indeed no medal that possesses such wonderful power and none so highly esteemed by the holy Church as the Medal of St. Benedict. Whosoever wears this medal with devotion, trusting to the life-giving power of the holy Cross and the merits of the holy Father St. Benedict, may expect the powerful protection of this great Patriarch in his spiritual and temporal needs. The medal is one of the oldest and most honored medals used by Catholics and due to the belief in its power against evil is also known as the “devil-chasing medal.” As early as the 11th century, it may have initially had the form of Saint Benedict’s cross, and was used by pope Leo IX. The reverse side of the medal carries the Vade retro satana (“Step back, Satan”) formula, which has been used by Catholics to ward off evil since the 15th century. Sometimes carried as part of the rosary, it is also found individually. In widespread use after its formal approval by Pope Benedict XIV in the 18th century, the medal is used by Catholics to ward off spiritual and physical dangers, especially those related to evil, poison, and temptation.

Without gemstonews

The average ring weight is 21 sizes in Gold 585 of sample: 20.32 g.

The average weight of the ring size 21 in Silver 925 samples: 16.0 g.

Top size of the ring 20x20 mm;

1) Blackening by oxidation (More contrast black color) 
2) Shine rhodium plated (Color looks like silver and it does not get dark in time) 

Main gemstone
Without gemstones Without gemstones

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