Ring "Iron Cross"

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Weight in gold: 5.08 g
Weight in silver: 4 g
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Signet for men "Iron Cross"

Iron Cross (Eisernes Kreuz). The order was introduced by Friedrich Wilhelm 3rd on March 10, 1813 for military distinctions shown in the war for the liberation of Germany from Napoleon. Then the rewarding of the Iron Cross was renewed with each new war.

Currently, the Iron Cross belongs to the world of choppers (chopper), to the world of independence and freedom. It all began in the United States, when the soldiers returned to their homeland after World War II. Many of them could not find themselves in a society that was alien to them. At the same time, part of the youths saddled their motorcycles, wearing black leather, trophy iron crosses and swastikas. A little later, they merged into motorcycle clubs, living on the old front-line concepts. Soon this image was picked up and distributed throughout America, and then around the world, where the Iron Cross has already taken a new place in history.

Made of gold: pink or white, or silver.

Features of the model:

Without gems.

The average weight of a ring size 20 in Gold 585: 5.1 g.

The average weight of a ring size 20 in Silver 925: 4 g.

Main gemstone
Without gemstones Without gemstones

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