Ring "Hospitaller's Knight's Cross"

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Weight in gold: 12.07 g
Weight in silver: 9.5 g
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Signet for men "Hospitaller's Knight's Cross".

The Hospitalists or the Johannites (also known as Jerusalem, Rhodes and Maltese Sovereign Reconstruction of the St John the Baptist, as well as the Maltese Knights or the Knights of Malta; the maf. 1099 in Jerusalem as an Amalfi hospital is a Christian organization whose purpose was to care for the poor, sick or wounded pilgrims in the Holy Land. After the seizure of Jerusalem in 1099 during the First Crusade, the organization turned into a religious-military order with its charter. The order was entrusted with the order for the care and protection of the Holy Land. Following the seizure of the Holy Land by Muslims, the order continued its activities on the island of Rhodes, the ruler of which he was, and then acted from Malta, which was in vassal submission to the Spanish viceroy of Sicily.

Made of gold: pink and white, or silver (in blackened form it looks great).

Features of the model:

* The size of the main stone - Circle 2.5mm (1 pc)

* Stone size level 2 - Circle 1.3mm (6 pieces)

* Top size is 21,43mm

The average ring weight is 19,5 in  585 gold samples: 12.06 g.

The average ring weight is 19,5 sizes in Silver 925 samples: 9,5 g.

Main gemstone
1st level gems cut Round
1st level gem size (mm) 2.5
1st level gems quantity 1
Gems of the 2d level
2d level gems cut Round
2d level gem size (mm) 1.3
2d level gems quantity 6

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