Pendant "Peacock"

Brand INDIGO jewelry
Product Code: 2044
Weight in gold: 7.24 g
Weight in silver: 5.7 g
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Available Options

  • Silver 925
  • Gold 14k
  • Rose gold
  • White gold
  • White silver
  • Blackened silver

Suspension "Firebird"

The peacock is a proud and beautiful bird. Since ancient times, these birds have attracted the attention of people due to the bright color of the feathers and the majestic appearance. For many centuries, in different countries and cities of the world (such as Greece, India, Ancient Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Rome, China), the peacock was revered, considered a symbol of wealth and power.

A peacock with a loose tail will suit everyone (but not an overly proud, vain person). Such a feng shui talisman will help in business endeavors and will contribute to their promotion.

The product can be made of pink or white gold, or from silver, covered with rhodium (which prevents the product from tarnishing). Silver can also be blackened.

Model features:

Without gems.
The average weight of the pendant in Gold 585: 7.26 g.
The average weight of the pendant in Silver 925:  5.7 g.

Main gemstone
Without gemstones Without gemstones

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