Chi Rho Symbol Jesus Christ Pendant

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Product Code: 60052
Weight in gold: 3.54 g
Weight in silver: 2.79 g
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  • Silver 925
  • Gold 14k
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  • White silver
  • Blackened silver

Chi Rho Symbol Jesus Christ Small Light Silver 925 Pendant

◆ The Chi Rho is formed by superimposing the first two (capital) letters chi and rho (ΧΡ) of the Greek word "ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ" =Christ in such a way to produce the monogram. Widespread in ancient Christianity, it was the symbol used by the Roman emperor Constantine I as vexillum (named Labarum).

◆ Features: 

•  SKU: 60052 

•  New light weight sterling silver 925 pendant;

•  Approx. weight of the product: 3.0 g .;

•  Diameter of the pendant:  20 mm;

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