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Ring 204520

Ring female "Feather"The bird's feather symbolizes truth, lightness, Heaven, height, speed, spacious..

Ring 206090

Male ring "Barbed wire".Made in combination of  two different alloys of gold (white and/or rose..

Ring 700500

Male ring of classic design with a scattering of stones.Made in combination of pink or white gold, o..

Ring 700770

Men's ring with the image of the crownThe crown is a desire for power, a high position of a person i..

Ring 700470

Male ring of classic design with a scattering of stones.Made in combination of pink or white gold, o..

Ring 700430

Great men's ring with big main stone square (princess) form cut and small gems placer. Looks gr..

Ring 700090

Great men's ring with coat of arms of Ukraine. It is a signet with the image of the coat of arm..

Ring K547

Ring male "Tiger".Tiger - This is one of the main animals in Chinese philosophy. It symbolizes the p..

Ring kc56

Women's ring "Crow"Crow Symbols:As stated above, Raven symbolizes the connection between heaven and ..

Ring tyt01

Signet for men "Santa Muerte".Santa Muerte (isp. Santa Muerte - Holy Death) is a modern religious cu..

Ring 3D57

Great men's ring "Lion".  Looks great in pink gold or blackaned silver. The lion is a symbol of..

Ring K1420

Men's Ring "Wolf".The wolf is an ambiguous animal. On the one hand, it symbolizes cruelty and cunnin..

Ring 700530

Signet for men "George the Victorious"Blessing Around the top: "Господи услыши молитву мою, внуши мо..

Ring 700740

Signet for men "Hospitaller's Knight's Cross".The Hospitalists or the Johannites (also known as Jeru..

Ring 210340

Great  "Star of David" ring created in Ethnic style. Made of gold (white and/or rose gold)..

Pendant 60150

Female suspension is made in the Empire style. Looks great in pink or white gold.Ideal for inse..

Ring 212420

Ring female "Love"Ideal for inserting diamonds.It is possible to make a ring in white or pink gold, ..

Ring 700660

Men's salamander signetThe talisman of the salamander is considered the symbol and talisman of the z..

Ring 007900

Men's signet with the image of the Lion rising crowned.This symbol means authority and royalty, mult..

Ring 205800

Ring male or female "Dragon's Claws".The dragon on women embodies the creation of a new life, as wel..
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