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Ring 20686

Ring 20686

Beautiful female ring classic design with small gems placer in two rows. Looks great in pink or whit..
Ring 20613

Ring 20613

Female ring in classic style.It looks great both in pink and in white gold.Features of the model:Wit..
Ring 20487

Ring 20487

Women's ring in the form of a leaf of clover with three small stones. Ideal for inserting diamonds.T..
Ring 4038

Ring 4038

"ST. Charles Borromeo Catolic Cardinal Ring" St. Charles Borromeo, Italian San Carlo Borromeo, ..
Ring kb962

Ring kb962

Beautiful female ring classic design with a single central stone. Looks great in pink or white gold...

Ring kc176

A beautiful classic design ring with a central round stone and two small stones.Made in rose or whit..

Ring kc169

Women's ring made in the form of a bow. Looks great in pink or white gold.Ideal for insertion natura..

Ring kb1212

Beautiful female ring classic design with three small stones in the center. ..

Ring kc905

Beautiful female ring created in fantasy style . Looks great in pink or white gold.Ideal for inserti..

Ring kc168

Beautiful famale ring classic design with a single Central stone. Looks great in pink and in white g..

Ring tyt07

Male (female) ring "Our Father".Inside the ring is a prayer.It can be made of gold (pink and white) ..

Ring tyt08

Ring male "Skull"The skull is one of the symbols that contains two opposite meanings at once. The sk..

Ring 700690

Great men's ring "Saint Nicholas ".   Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of sailors, ..

Pendant 579

Suspension male "Viking".The suspension is made in the form of a Runic compass, inside of which a Vi..

Bracelet 060230_Ramzes6

Bracelet "Ramzes"The bracelet can be made of gold (pink or white) or silver.Features of the model:Wi..

Pendant ob744

Suspension man's "Deer".Deer is a symbol of renewal and rebirth, purity and spirituality. Its horns ..

Ring K547

Ring man's "Berserker".Berserk or berserker (dr.-Isl. Berserkr) - in ancient German and Scandinavian..

Pendant tyt06

Beautiful suspension "Christian cross with wings" or "Wings of fate".... spread your wings and fly t..

Ring 108.041

Great men's ring "St. George the Victorious".  Looks great in pink gold or blackaned silver.&nb..

Ring kp20065w

Ring "Star of the Lada Virgin Mary".This amulet allows you to fully reveal all the truly feminine qu..
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