Ring "The Helmet of Terror"

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Men's ring "The Helmet of Terror" or "Agishyalm".

Agisyahalm (in another transcription - Egisyalm) was worn by soldiers and mages who believed in victory. The talisman is an effective tool for achieving the goal. It is capable of leading rivals into a state of panic, and in some cases - brutally destroying them.

In ordinary life, the amulet helps:

resolve disputable situations in their favor; "Push" the right decision, affecting the surrounding people; Keep the energy balance of the host, if necessary - clean the aura and give strength.

The ring can be made of gold: pink or white, or silver (in black it looks more contrast).

Features of the model:

Without gems.

Dimensions of the top: Wight - 14mm (5.7 inch)

The average weight of a ring size 21 in Gold 585: 9.52 g.

The average weight of a ring size 21 in Silver 925: 7.5 g.

Main gemstone
Without gemstones Without gemstones

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