Ring "USSR Navy"

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"VDV" moto Ring

The Soviet Union‎ USSR (Russian after 1991) Airborne Forces or VDV - Воздушно-десантные войска России, ВДВ; (Air-landing Forces) is a military branch of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. First formed before World War II, the force undertook two significant airborne operations and a number of smaller jumps during the war and for many years after 1945 was the largest airborne force in the world. The force was split after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, losing divisions to Belarus and Ukraine, and has been reduced in size.

Looks great in pink gold or blackaned silver. 

Features of the model:

Without gems.

The average weight of a ring size 20,5 in Gold 585: 25.40 g.

The average weight of a ring size 20,5 in Silver 925: 20 g.

Main gemstone
Without gemstones Without gemstones

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