Reviews with photos and videos

Ray 25/07/2021
This thing is phenomenal just like the other item. I'm having fun with these.
Elia 24/07/2021
Great ring! My husband loved it!
persephone 22/07/2021
exactly how it looks like in the pictures except the top part that should be oxidized? only the skulls were & not very dark. that's fine as it'll fade anyway. legitimate band material (925 silver) ring was a bit deformed I'm guessing because of shipping.. they also did all the customizations as requested and was shipped out within 3days. thank you
Swanie 21/07/2021
Nous sommes ravis de cet achat.
Artur 20/07/2021
looks very nice. highly recommend
Reyna 19/07/2021
Beautiful in person. Didn't like the normal style of claddagh but this one is so cool.
Elia 17/07/2021
Beautiful ring, looks amazing I highly recommend it!
Dawn 15/07/2021
Very beautiful- pleased with this item
Reyna 11/07/2021
Its hard to tell but it's looking like a floating diamond setting which is what I wanted so I'm really happy. Been wanting this ring for a really long time and the skeletons look great
nicolerossiter 09/07/2021
A cool, understated ring in such a clever design!