Wedding Rings
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Ring 833826cg

Ring male or female "Elephants".The elephant is a symbol of love, an animal ancient and useful. The ..

Ring 67674cg

Ring man's (female) wedding Kladdakhsky.It is made of gold: pink or white, or silver (it looks fine ..

Ring 750095cg

"Wedding Orthodox Byzantine Ring"The wedding ring is made in the ancient forgotten Byzantine traditi..

Ring 974542cg

Ring male or female "Horses".HORSE - a symbol of animal vitality, beauty, grace, power and a bewitch..

Ring 9434

Male (female) ring of Solomon.Solomon’s ring with the inscription "And this will pass" embodies the ..

Ring 827963cg

Ring man's(women) "Woody Engagement Ring"Processing:1) Blacked silver 925 (More contrast black ..

Ring 814262cg

Ring man's(women) "Celtic Ornament Engagement Ring"Processing:1) Blacked silver 925 (More contr..

Ring 732618cg

Ring man's(women) "Skull"Made of gold: pink or white, or silver (in blackened form it looks great).F..

Ring 214020

Beautiful female ring classic design with a central round stone, and&n..

Ring 213350

The “Save and Protect” ring with a single round-cut stone in the center and small stones around will..

Ring 4040

"Heartbeat of New York" - When you arrive in New York City for the first time your heart start to be..

Ring 21039

Beautiful ring with small gems plaser. Made in rose and white gold, also in rhodium plated silver.Id..

Ring 21112

Beautiful female ring created in Classic style with small gems.It can be create in  white or ro..

Ring 20686

Beautiful female ring classic design with small gems placer in two rows. Looks great in pink or whit..

Ring 20613

Female ring in classic style.It looks great both in pink and in white gold.Features of the model:Wit..

Ring tyt07

Male (female) ring "Our Father".Inside the ring is a prayer.It can be made of gold (pink and white) ..

Ring kp20065w

Ring "Star of the Lada Virgin Mary".This amulet allows you to fully reveal all the truly feminine qu..

Ring kp20065m

Men's ring "Valkyrie".The Valkyrie amulet was considered the patron saint of warriors and defenders,..

Ring 4034

"My Heart Will Go On" - Hope ring." When lost your hopeWhen fears get highYou still alive Your ..

Ring 60589

Beautiful female ring classic design with small gems placer. Looks great in pink or white gold.Ideal..
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