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Ring 21209

Original ring in High tech style looks great in pink or white gold.Features of the model:*   &n..

Earrings 311670

Stylish earrings with an English clasp.Earrings can be made of white gold or rose gold, as well as s..

Ring k7540

Ring female "Chinese Dragon".Chinese dragon is a symbol of the good beginning of yang (unlike the Eu..

Ring 17120

Ring female "Panther".A ring with a panther signals that a person is ready to start a new life and c..

Ring 4032

Men's Signet "Mont Blanc" Mont Blanc (fr. Mont Blanc, ital. Monte Bianco, literally “white mounta..

Pendant 8873r

Suspension male in the form of the scroll "Our Father".The Prayer "Our Father" is written in Armenia..

Pendant tyt05

Suspension male in the form of a shield "George the Victorious".George Pobedonosets - Christian sain..

Ring k7530

Ring female (male) "Jaws".The ring consists of two mobile jaws, can be made of gold: pink or white, ..

Ring TYT04

Clone Trooper Star War's Men's RingLooks great in pink gold or blackaned silver. Features of th..

Ring k8230

Signet for men "In hoc signo vinces".                 &..

Ring 4031

Men's Signet "Masonic Skull". By the monks of the Order of the Knights Templar, the skull was p..

Ring TYT02

Ring male "Skull with flowers"The skull is one of the symbols that contains two opposite meanings at..

Ring TYT03

Great men's ring "St. George the Victorious".  Looks great in pink gold or blackaned silver.&nb..

Ring 204840

Women's ring "Honeycomb and bee."The bee is an unusually multi-faceted symbol. She personifies wisdo..

Ring 206090

Male ring "Barbed wire".Made in combination of  two different alloys of gold (white and/or rose..

Ring 700090

Great men's ring with coat of arms of Ukraine. It is a signet with the image of the coat of arm..

Ring K547

Ring male "Tiger".Tiger - This is one of the main animals in Chinese philosophy. It symbolizes the p..

Ring tyt01

Signet for men "Santa Muerte".Santa Muerte (isp. Santa Muerte - Holy Death) is a modern religious cu..

Ring 3D57

Great men's ring "Lion".  Looks great in pink gold or blackaned silver. The lion is a symbol of..

Ring K1420

Men's Ring "Wolf".The wolf is an ambiguous animal. On the one hand, it symbolizes cruelty and cunnin..
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